Drawing Lit

Ane Mette Hol

OSL series: Drawing Literature

OSL contemporary is proud to announce a one-week exhibition in relation to Ane Mette Hol's new publication Drawing Literature. More information about the event and program will follow.

Ane Mette Hol is working with drawing. Her work focuses on the relationship between original and reproduction, and it results in two- and three-dimensional drawings, animations on paper and 16mm film, and sound installation. Hol´s meticulous reproductions are often based on materials or waste after the production of art works and exhibitions, which are usually “invisble” in the final presentation of an artwork.

In her previous exhibition at OSL contemporary in 2018, Hol presented several works including the drawing of a poster called 'Grey Literature'. This work is a copy drawn by hand of a poster which was originally a hand-out at her solo exhibition at Art Statements in Basel in 2012. Grey literature is a concept used for published materials like public reports, invitations, pressreleases and invitation cards made for exhibitions for example. It is a type of material that we often throw away afterwards. But grey literature is also a way of searching for information. On the front side of the poster there is a photo of one of her previous work, a reproduction of a cardboard box, and on the backside there are several texts which includes a project description for Art Statements, a text written by Erlend Hammer, and a biography of the artist. This work investigates the origin of the artwork, and it questions the concept of authenticity between mass produced materials, documents, art works and its reproductions. It also focuses on our collective and personal memory.

In the series of works called 'Grey Literature' Hol has drawn copies of invitation cards and posters. Creating new works based on documentation of her own drawing practice. These works are made with pencil, coloured pencil, pen or dry pastel. And together with her previous drawings of photocopies from art historical texts and table of contents from drawing books, they create the starting point for the idea behind Drawing Literature. Where parts of the content are either re-written or re-drawn. By drawing copies of pages, Hol is simultaneous producing new documentation of the publication, which will be presented in an exhibition at OSL contemporary. With this project and publication Hol shows an important part of her practice; where drawing is a method for studying a material, and where this process can sometimes be even more important than the result.

Drawing Literature is designed by Aslak Gurholt/ Yokoland and published by Hatje Cantz.

Image on view: 'Grey Literature #3', 2018, Dry pastel, colored pencil, pencil and pen on paper, 14,8 x 21cm. Installation view ”,”,”,—Footnotes WIELS Project Room, Brussels 2018