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Group Exhibition


OSL contemporary is delighted to present the group exhibition 'Tekstvevnad', featuring works by Leonard Rickhard, A K Dolven, Ane Mette Hol, Ask Bjørlo, Carl-Oskar Jonsson and author Mette Karlsvik. Featuring primarily new works, and comprising a broad spectrum of media including paintings, sculpture, textiles, drawing and film, the show examines our natural, complex and ongoing relationship with time.

The idea to take ’time’ as a point of departure for the decade’s final group exhibition was first sparked by the works of Carl-Oskar Jonsson. In a series of paintings he depicts people on the move and clearly in a rush. While the individuals are all anonymous, the scenes are undoubtedly familiar, echoing, one could almost say, the time pressure so many of us will come up against with particular force in the upcoming weeks of December.

The title of the exhibition, 'Tekstvevnad' (Text weave), is also the title of an essay by Norwegian author Mette Karlsvik, written especially for the occasion and commissioned in collaboration with the literary magazine Vinduet. The essay, which will be presented as part of the exhibition as well as in the forthcoming issue of Vinduet, is inspired by the works on view, in addition to Karlsvik’s conversations with the featured artists, her own family and others evoking reflections on temporality and the act of creating.

Reflection and temporal perception can be considered the main subject in some of the works on view, but in others, the concept is incorporated as a subtle aspect of the work or in the process of creation. The works in the exhibition adhere to various movements and traditions in contemporary art, and each stands in its own relation to time. Each individual work absorbs the viewer into different practices, techniques and traditions, and together, they present a wide range of aesthetic and conceptual perspectives.

On 21 December at 1 pm, OSL contemporary and Vinduet will host a reading with Mette Karlsvik. Please join us for a time-out at the gallery.

Image: Carl-Oskar Jonsson 'on my way', 2019