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OSL series: Marit Følstad

Everything's Gone Green

OSL contemporary is proud to present Everything’s Gone Green; an OSL series by Marit Følstad supported by, and in dialogue with, Berlin based record label Sonic Pieces.

Følstad who initially trained as a photographer, works with video, performance, installations -and sound. Having long been drawn to the physical properties and metaphoric implications of unstable, insubstantial matter, she continues to explore the nature of ephemerality, transition, dissolution and allure.
Her relation to sound has evolved over the years, from sonic abstractions to collaborations with musicians creating soundscapes, and soundtracks.  
For Følstad’s project, the artist will present a series of work:

Everything’s Gone Green is a sculptural installation consisting of a modular cubic structure in steel and MDF, and 65 bronze sculptures. Formally the actual shape of the modular structure is referencing a work by Sol LeWitt, “ FIVE MODULAR STRUCTURES (SEQUENTIAL PERMUTATIONS ON THE NUMBER 5)” from 1972. Added to this structure at certain levels and areas are grey MDF. These cubes that contain MDF also function as the display structure for bronze sculptures. All of these being unique objects, pineapple, lemons, walnuts and mini pumpkins, in life size casted in bronze. The tittle is borrowed form a single by the English rock band New Order.

Primary Structures is a video installation involving the use of video wall technology. The visual material consists of abstract imagery that flows over a grid of four screens. Sometimes using all screens to form a unison image, and other times creating patterns and rhythmic structures between the different screens. Conceptually all video footage is created as a response to the artist’s fascination with organic structures, and their ability to recreate them self into new forms and meta-systems. Almost like a natural hybridity process using chance procedure to navigate a Fibonacci sequence or a random coordinate system.

Dangerous/Anger is a neon work made in two colours, red and green, fluctuating between the words DANGEROUS and ANGER. There is a programed MIDI sequence box that controls the rhythm and flow of the chancing of the words and the intensity of the colours.

Dark Matter is a 2-channel video work. All imagery created by filming smoke in a dimly lit blackout room. The footage is rather abstract, and the actual quality of it brings to mind old school analog photography, and photographic processes like selenium toning baths and silver gelatin prints. Some frames or part of the timeline bring resemblance to natural phenomenon like aurora borealis and cloud-like formations in the sky.

With generous support from: 
Hans Terje Flatlandsmo 
Leon Mathisen
Gunnar Moen
Ole Jørgen Ness 
Lars Christian Reinsborg

Marit Følstad's works will be accompanied by a sonic installation co-developed with Sonic Pieces, the Berlin Based record label that hosts Følstad’s long-term sound collaborators Svarte Greiner.
Sonic Pieces will be present in the gallery space with their own sound station, and the audience will have the possibility to explore the labels artists throughout the duration of the project. Founder Monique Recknagel will tailor a soundtrack on the opening night with a selection of her labels artists.

Everything’s Gone Green is accompanied by a talk, Saturday 18th March, where the artist will be in conversation with Sonic Pieces founder Monique Recknagel. The talk is moderated by NyMusikk director Anne Hilde Neset.

 OSL series is an on-going project with the aim to create artistic dialogues, as well as function as an interactive tool. With the purpose to reach a cross disciplinary audience, series wish to be a platform, or meeting point, where art takes centre stage in a larger context than the standard exhibition context. Series is site and time specific, varying from one night to one, two or three weeks long projects. Series will be presented throughout the year, side lined- and in between, the standard OSL contemporary exhibition program.
The first series launched in New York, 3rd March, as part of the Armory VIP program. The series, a conversation on Norway, featured artists Bjarne Bare and Vibeke Tandberg in dialogue with writer/curator Francesca Gavin and moderated by Independent Curators International (ICI) Executive Director Renaud Proch.
Marit Følstad's Everything's Gone Green is the first series in Oslo and encompasses the fine lined intersections between music, sound and art.
Other 2017 highlights will be dialogues between performative artists Vibeke Tandberg and Tori Wrånes as well as a project by artist Hanne Borchgrevink.