Art Basel 2024


Ahmed Umar | OSL contemporary

Booth M17
Hall 2.1

Messe Basel
Messeplatz 10
4058 Basel

OSL contemporary is delighted to present Sudanese-Norwegian artist Ahmed Umar at Art Basel 2024 in the Statements sector.

Umar will present a new body of fifteen sculptural works, each representing a prayer bead corresponding to a personal prayer. These unique sculptures will be intricately repurposed and transformed from found objects and materials the artist has collected over the years, typically souvenirs that have found their way to Norway from the African and Asian continents. Each sculpture will be accompanied by a unique life-size acrylic cast of the artist's right hand in various gestures that reflect the movements used during prayer.

He painstakingly deconstructs and gives new life to these materials, meticulously refinishing every fragment and component by hand, before recreating them in whole new form. With a critical look at European stereotypes of African culture, he is literally and metaphorically picking apart the constructed image of the "exotic" to breathe new life into the materials and implant within them his own story. In addition, as one of the fifteen prayers, Umar will also present a new ornate appliqué tapestry work covering the entire booth's ceiling perimeter, gently illuminating from above.

The participation is kindly supported by the Office for Contemporary Art Norway.